Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Denise Austin - 30 Minute Low Impact Fat Burning Workout

d.a. 9 - YouTube
Published on Jan 8, 2013 by longlivedeniseaustin

30 minute workout 1989


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  3. I lost 7 pounds during the 21 Day Fix. I could have lost more, but I had some salt issues in the last week. If I eat to much salt, I don't lose weight. I retain water like crazy, but once the water is gone, I haven't lost any weight. It sucks, but that's the story of my life. I lost a half inch in my chest, a half inch in my right right and a half inch in my left bicep. Weird, but true. My numbers aren't very impressive, but I hadn't lost any weight in a few months. I finished 21 Day Fix in January and I think it was the previous September when the scale had moved last, so while 7 pounds isn't crazy impressive in 21 days, I was thrilled. 21 Day Fix was what I needed to jump start me back into weight loss. I wasn't perfect with the nutrition either. I ate raisins in my salad and I ate my snacks each work day, but I still lost weight. You don't have to be perfect to lose weight with this program. You just need to be better than you were. I hadn't had any problems working out for the previous few months, but I had problems controlling my nutrition. 21 Day Fix helped me get that under control. I was eating healthy meals, but I was eating a lot of junk food for snacks. Doing this program got me to kick my sweet tooth (again). It's just what I needed when I needed it.
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