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Denise Austin's 6 Ways to Exercise on a Budget

By Denise Austin, FOX News Magazine Contributor, January 16, 2014

You don’t need a fancy, expensive gym membership to get in shape! Trust me, you can accomplish all of the same goals as a gym while in the great outdoors – or even in the comfort of your own home.  With a little planning and creativity you can fit in a workout a day  -  totally free of charge.

Don’t believe it? Keep reading!

Use family time as an excuse to get active.

Instead of spending time together watching a movie or playing video games, unplug and pick fitness activities that you can delight in together as a family – preferably outdoors. Even in colder months, you can hike at your local park, have a snowman-building contest, go sledding – the possibilities are endless! The best part is that everyone’s metabolism will get a healthy boost while you are having fun.

Start a pedometer challenge.

Encourage some healthy competition in your family by purchasing inexpensive pedometer for yourself, your kids, and your spouse to wear to help you all remember to walk more throughout the day. They’re an easy way to count your steps and keep track of how much movement you're getting — even the younger ones will be able to participate! Try setting a family goal (maybe it's 10,000 steps a day) or creating teams and trying to beat each other's step counts each week. Your kids will love competing, and you may notice some weight loss.

Sign up for a race.

Training for a goal, like a 5K or triathlon, can be great motivation to help you stay active. Most entry fees are inexpensive, depending on where you live — plus they typically support a charitable cause. Do an internet search for races in your neighborhood and use the race date as a tool to keep you motivated in the months leading up to it. Some races may provide a training plan when you sign up – if so, take advantage of it or look up free couch to 5K plans online!

Get involved with extracurricular activities.

Instead of just signing your children up for soccer leagues, gymnastics lessons  and baseball teams, get involved and help coach or volunteer as a team parent. Your children will love that you’re involved, and you’ll be surprised at just how much running around you’ll do as you show them the ropes. Your family will build lasting memories – and burn major calories while you’re at it!

Invest in low-cost exercise equipment or get creative!

You don’t need expensive equipment to create a home gym. One of the best tools you can invest in cheaply is dumbbells. These are great for toning your arms. Another great tool for switching up your workouts is fitness DVDs. These are also low cost and many come with a few different workouts within them, like my latest, titled "Burn Fat Fast Latin Dance," which has four mini-dance routines for you to try. Remember, you can also borrow fitness DVDs from public libraries. Other at-home tools that I love? If you’re a big walker, check out my walking kit – it has everything you need to turn your walk into a fat-burning workout. If you want to trim and slim your thighs, I love my thigh toner. It really firms up your legs, especially your inner thighs!

Build your workouts into your day.

Think about what errands you could accomplish on foot, instead of in the car. Can you walk to your couples’ game night instead of driving? Could you mow the lawn instead of having your son do it? Think of sneaky, easy ways to fit in fitness that don’t cost a dime. All it takes is your legs and some energy!

These easy, low-cost tips will help to keep you fit all year long! Which tips do you think you can commit to? Try at least two for a few weeks and see how you do. Every change makes a difference. Good luck!

For more weight loss inspiration, exercise tips, and healthy recipes from Denise Austin, sign up for a FREE one-week trial to her weight loss program at! Also, be sure to follow Denise Austin on Facebook and Twitter.

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Denise Austin At Facebook

Facebook workout!
Wednesday, January, 22, 2014 at 3:29pm

Earlier this week I visited the Facebook campus -- it was awesome! Has anyone else ever been there?
Wednesday, January, 24, 2014 at 12:12pm

Clinton Initiative 2014

Added on January 23, 2014

Story and photos by Pat Krause
President Clinton hosted the third annual Health Mattes Conference on January 14th. The Clinton Foundation and Tenet Healthcare Corporation sponsored the event. New partnerships and commitments from, Jed Foundation, Facebook, MTV, Aspen Institute Sport and Society Program, Nike and the United States Olympic Committee, Knight Foundation, Palisades Media Ventures, James Beard Foundation, Saddleback Church, P.E.A.C.E. Center and the Daniel Plan plus others have all gotten on board for this program to work for and promote healthier living.

The conference brought together nearly 500 leaders from health care, Technology, Media, Sports, education, Businesses and public policies. The Clinton Health Matters Initiative announced more than 100 million dollars in new investments to bring health and wellness accessible and impacting more than 50 million people across the nation.

President Bill Clinton gave the opening remarks and moderated the first panel that included Tim Finchem PGA tour Commissioner. The Conference is always held during the Humana PGA Golf tournament. Chelsea Clinton was also a huge part of this event. She hosted several events outside of the Conference and was
the moderator for one of the Panels. Other notables were PGA Pro Notah Begay III, The Honorable Patrick Kennedy, Dr. Travis Stork from The Doctors TV show, and another TV icon, Montel Williams.

Physical activity was performed during breaks in the conference by Billy Blanks, Cassey Ho and Denise Austin. Each panel of experts lasted about an hour and touched everything to do with healthy living. This included drug abuse, promoting mental health care, health awareness in schools, Education, new technologies, prevention and physical activities.

A lunch was provided midday with the emphasis on a healthy meal. Chef Mary Sue Milliken from Border Grill Restaurants and Trucks explained the menu and the calorie count. President Clinton gave the closing remarks and said the Valley is a great example of the commitment to good health, and the Humana Golf Tournament is a considerable way to bring the idea of a healthy America to the people.

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Denise Austin At Health Matters Conference 2014

Coachella Valley in spotlight during Health Matters conference
Officials: Conference spurs local solutions to wellness concerns

Jan. 13, 2014

Written by
Victoria Pelham
The Desert Sun

As national health care experts and celebrities descend on the desert for the Clinton Foundation’s third annual Health Matters conference, Coachella Valley health stakeholders are optimistic about the spotlight it will once again shine on wellness — and its role as a catalyst for change.

Leaders say the seven-year initiative has become more structured with the creation of the Blueprint for Action and has established roots in the past year that will guide them going into this conference and the future.

“The Clinton Health Matters Initiative is becoming increasingly well-known here for inspiring discussion, inspiring and convening groups to come together to create solutions and then implement those solutions along the plan that our local health leaders created,” said Glen Grayman, vice-president of the board of the Desert Healthcare District.

This year’s conference in La Quinta will include panel discussions on health transformation moderated by President Bill Clinton, physical activity with fitness expert Denise Austin, mental health and prescription drug abuse prevention, leveraging digital platforms to promote health moderated by Chelsea Clinton, the health care divide and promoting healthy lifestyles, among other topics. The discussions will draw well-known figures such as Barbra Streisand, the Rev. Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, Montel Williams and Billy Blanks to highlight health and wellness.

A sports roundtable hosted by ESPN on Monday night brought out Lakers star Kobe Bryant and other athletes to talk about access to youth sports, its importance and how to improve that for all kids.

Health Matters 2014 will also highlight a partnership pledge between Facebook, MTV and the mental-health focused Jed Foundation aimed at reducing prescription drug abuse on college campuses.

The focus on health has led in past years to multimillion-dollar pledges toward commitments like fighting heart disease, drug addiction and childhood obesity in schools and the removal of high-sugar and processed foods in Tenet hospitals in the valley, with last year’s conference raising $100 million. The city of Coachella added a health element to its general plan as a response to the 2013 conference.

This year, valley health care hubs such as Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs will recommit to goals set up under the Blueprint for Action, like the hospital’s $1.5-million hand in the recently launched HIV-testing campaign known as Get Tested Coachella Valley. The campaign was created in part to address a blueprint goal that all valley residents will have access to an HIV testing site with sexual health experts on-site by 2018.

The initiative works by spurring conversations focused on key health concerns, drawing attention to them and later leveraging influence to raise funds.

Since the 2013 conference, 125 community health leaders developed a blueprint setting 45 specific goals in areas such as alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse, healthy eating and food quality and health care access. Organizers have been working to address these goals over the past year, forming partnerships and task forces to improve wellness across the Coachella Valley — the first site and launching point of the initiative. Other communities in cities such as Houston have also since followed the valleymodel, forming blueprints of their own to address health concerns.

“It’ll be interesting to hear how their plans differ or are similar to ours and how their implementation is going compared to how ours is moving forward,” Grayman said. “We have really set the standard and are out in front of all of the communities where implementation has begun.”

This year’s conference will focus more on physical activity than nutrition, and the work of Health Matters will affect about 400,000 people in the valley, President Bill Clinton said in an exclusive interview this week with The Desert Sun.
Grayman said this was in line with the $300,000 pledge offered up by the foundation of the Desert Healthcare District. The district has partnered with Mayor Steve Pougnet’s Healthy Planet, Healthy You project to create the Coachella Valley Health Portal, an access point for all health-related issues in the valley, including healthy eating, physical activity and sexual health. The district has also promised $100,000 for physical activity programs with the pilot focusing on childhood swimming.

“It absolutely ties in with that and it’s right on point,” he said.

Grayman said that for many, a lack of exercise is not a question of motivation, but instead ability to access places that facilitate physical activity.

“We hope to provide those who do feel the inspiration and motivation to move the places to do so,” he said.

The discussion on health disparities at the Health Matters panel will also be followed closely by valley health leaders who see firsthand the sharp distinction between the large swaths of low-income, often uninsured migrant workers in east valley communities like Thermal and Mecca who struggle with poverty-related and environmental conditions — and the comparative wealth and comfort in bordering towns of La Quinta, where the conference is being held, and Indian Wells.

“When people think about Palm Springs, they don’t really think about the disparities that we have,” said Carolyn Caldwell, CEO of Desert Regional. “I think by having the conference here, it’s really begun to shine a spotlight on the fact that we do have disparities in our community; we do have communities where there is poverty, where there is a lot of childhood obesity.

“What can we do as a community to really address those issues and concerns?” she said.

People were aware of the disparities before CHMI, but the conference has been a catalyst to draw support and community leaders together to address the concerns, she added.

Caldwell will participate in a Health Matters discussion Tuesday on healthy lifestyles alongside Warren and Martin Abrahamson with the Joslin Diabetes Center, among others.

Eisenhower Medical Center has also committed through Clinton Health Matters to fund a position through the Betty Ford Center working on substance abuse prevention in the Desert Sands Unified School District.

“The focus on wellness at the conference sends a valuable message to encourage people to take an active role in improving their overall health; it’s a message I hope more Americans embrace in 2014,” Eisenhower CEO Aubrey Serfling said in a statement.

Caldwell said the Health Matters conference will shine a spotlight on the desert and the Coachella Valley, but she’s more impressed with the message it will send.

“What this conference does is shows it really takes an entire community to focus on health care,” she said. “The hospitals can’t do it alone; businesses can’t do it alone; government agencies can’t do it all alone.
“It takes all of us to have a focus and really work on doing what we can to make sure our communities are healthy,” Caldwell said. “It’s just exciting to see all the different sectors come together around a common goal.”

Health Matters 2014

By Denise Austin Online · Updated last Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 10:08am

I was so honored to be asked to speak as a fitness expert at the Clinton Foundation's #HealthMatters2014 conference. Here are some pictures from the event on January 14!

Getting ready to speak yesterday morning!
Wednesday, January, 15 at 7:12am

Striking a pose in front of the #HealthMatters2014 sign!
Wednesday, January, 15 at 7:08am

Here I am with Dr. Travis Stork from The Doctors!
Wednesday, January, 15 at 7:08am

During my talk, I incorporated a couple of fitness moves!
Wednesday, January, 15 at 7:08am

Here I am with my sister, Anne, AND President Bill Clinton!
Wednesday, January, 15 at 7:12am

At ESPN's Town Hall!
Wednesday, January, 15 at 7:08am

Wednesday, January, 15 at 7:08am

Flexing muscles (at least she is) with fitness guru Denise Austin at the Health Matters conference in La Quinta. — at La Quinta Waldorf Astoria Resort & Spa.

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Hacker Guccifer Adds More Celebrities and Officials to His List of Victims

January 7th, 2014, 10:48 GMT · By Eduard Kovacs

The hacker known as Guccifer, who became known after targeting the Bush family, claims to have hijacked the online accounts of several high-profile individuals.

The hacker has told The Smoking Gun that he has  breached the accounts of diplomats, journalists, military and government officials, academics and entertainers.

The list of victims includes the CEO of insurance conglomerate MetLife, Steven Kandarian; former Air Force Secretary, George Roche; head of the Romanian Intelligence Service, George-Cristian Maior; author Kitty Kelley; DHS official Laura Manning Johnson; actress Mariel Hemingway; and award-winning author Diane McWhorter.

The list continues with Cantwell F. Muckenfuss III, a partner at the Gibson Dunn law firm; oceanographer Robert Ballard; fitness instructor Denise Austin; members of the Council on Foreign Relations; members of the UK’s House of Lords; comedian Steve Martin; and many others.

The hacker has refused to reveal how he has managed to hack his victims’ online accounts. However, in some cases, he guessed the answers to security questions.

He claims to have obtained bank statements, payment card data, financial documents, personal photographs, phone records, and correspondence. All of the information has been provided to a reporter, in case he “disappears.”

Guccifer says he’s well aware of the fact that authorities are after him. He knows this because he has intercepted communications between his victims and law enforcement.

While having dreams of an FBI agent arresting him, the hacker doesn’t appear too concerned about getting caught.

“NO I am not concerned, i think i switch the proxies go to play some backgammon on yahoo watch tv, play with my family and daughter (sic),” the told TSG.

As far as his motives are concerned, Guccifer claims to be operating from “the cloud of infinite justice.” On the other hand, many of his attacks don’t appear to be the work of someone who wants to do justice.

The Smoking Gun - Denise Austin Hacked By Guccifer

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Denise Austin To Appear At 2014 Health Matters Conference

Clintons bring Barbra Streisand and Rick Warren to Health Matters conference

Jan. 6, 2014 6:05 PM

Written by
Tatiana Sanchez
The Desert Sun

LA QUINTA — President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton will return to the Coachella Valley to host the third annual Health Matters conference Jan. 13-15 at the La Quinta Resort and Club. The Clintons will host a lineup of experts and celebrities that includes appearances by Barbra Streisand, Reverend Rick Warren, Montel Williams and Billy Blanks.

The conference features a series of health and wellness seminars and fitness events in an effort to promote healthier living in the Coachella Valley and beyond.

The conference, titled “Activating Wellness in Every Generation Conference,” will feature panels on the following topics:

• Health transformation, moderated by President Bill Clinton.

• Mental health and prescription drug abuse prevention, moderated by emergency room physician Dr. Travis Stork, Co-Host of “The Doctors.”

• Leveraging digital platforms to promote health, moderated by Chelsea Clinton.

• Strategies to close the great health divide in the U.S., moderated by Jenna Wolfe of the “Today Show.”

The conference will also introduce more than 30 new strategic partnerships within the initiative, according to the Clinton Foundation.

“There will be several major announcements in the health and wellness space from Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI) strategic partners, including a commitment to help prevent prescription drug misuse by young people from the Jed Foundation, MTV, and Facebook, as well as an announcement from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation,” the Clinton Foundation said in a statement.

Other guests will include Janet Marguia, president and CEO of the National Council of La Raza, fitness expert Denise Austin, actor Wendell Pierce, Desert Regional Medical Center CEO Carolyn Caldwell and Notah Begay III, president of the NB3 Foundation.

The Smoking Gun - Denise Austin Hacked By Guccifer

Update: Thursday, January 9, 2014

DOCUMENT: Internet, Crime

"Guccifer" Files Further Detail Hacking Spree

Online outlaw's "archive" identifies scores of new high-profile victims

JANUARY 6--The hacking spree by “Guccifer,” the online outlaw who has bedeviled Colin Powell, members of the Bush and Rockefeller families, Obama administration officials, and assorted other public figures, has been far more extensive than previously known, The Smoking Gun has learned.

A large cache of documents reveals that the illegal “Guccifer” incursions have victimized scores of other high-profile victims both in the U.S. and overseas during the past year. The hacker has accessed e-mail correspondence, contact lists, phone records, personal photos, online storage sites, and a wide range of confidential financial documents, including credit card, banking, and investment statements.

The newest roster of “Guccifer” victims includes entertainers, industrialists, academics, diplomats, financiers, government and military officials, and journalists--most of whom likely have no idea that the hacker has illegally prowled through their online accounts. With few discernible patterns, “Guccifer” has hopscotched between the accounts of victims like comedian Steve Martin; editor Tina Brown (seen below); ex-Nixon aide John Dean; author Kitty Kelley; actress Mariel Hemingway; three members of the UK’s House of Lords; a former Air Force secretary; the CEO/chairman of MetLife, the $60 billion insurance conglomerate; a Pulitzer Prize winner; the director of Romania’s domestic intelligence service; and a Gibson Dunn partner with the improbably Dickensian name Cantwell F.  Muckenfuss III.

Along the way, “Guccifer” has also gathered the cell phone numbers of Robert Redford and Warren Beatty, the private e-mail addresses for Nicole Kidman, Leonardo DiCaprio, and other celebrities, and even the script for the fourth-season finale of “Downton Abbey” (which the hacker swiped six months before the TV episode first aired in England).

The material detailing Guccifer’s felonious escapades was provided to TSG by the hacker himself, whose identity, location, and gender remains unknown (though for narrative purposes we’ll refer to the hacker as a “he”).

“i don’t know what near future hold for me,” the hacker stated, adding that the thousands of documents were being provided to a reporter “in case I disappear.” Aware that a platoon of federal agents is hunting for him (or her or them), “Guccifer” facetiously claimed to be having dreams “in which a woman is steping up to me saying that she is from Federal Bureau and I am busted.” He added, “meanwhile me trying desperately to erase my files on my computer at my desk or on my smartphone which btw I don”t have because I can”t afford one.”

Included in the archive are documents amounting to the hacker’s work product, such as text files recording an individual victim’s name, e-mail address, original account password, and the replacement password used by “Guccifer.” For instance, when the hacker broke into Powell’s e-mail account, the password was changed to “ASSHOLEANON.” After breaching the Comcast e-mail account of John Negroponte, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, “Guccifer” reset the password to “hondbabykill1,” an apparent reference to Negroponte’s prior role as U.S. ambassador to Honduras, where American officials supported a military dictatorship suspected of killing and torturing dissidents.

While “Guccifer” has declined to discuss how he has been able to hack so many e-mail accounts--spanning an array of providers like Comcast, Cox, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Earthlink, Verizon, and the British-based Btinternet--it appears he compromised some accounts by correctly guessing security questions. Work files show that the hacker reviewed the Wikipedia pages of prospective victims, obtained the names of a target’s relatives, and even referred to a list containing the most popular names for dogs and cats.

Last spring, “Guccifer” hacked a Yahoo account maintained by an assistant to Brown, then editor of The Daily Beast web site. Along with reading correspondence and stealing family photos, the hacker copied Brown’s address book, which contained nearly 900 names and corresponding e-mail addresses. He then exported Brown’s contacts into an Excel spreadsheet and began reviewing the lengthy list for possible new targets, a standard "Guccifer" M.O..

While the hacker routinely copies an address book following a break-in, some contact lists--like those of Brown, Powell, and former White House adviser Sidney Blumenthal--have proven to be target-rich environments for “Guccifer” to exploit.

For example, armed with Brown’s contact list, “Guccifer” highlighted dozens of names--most with either AOL or Earthlink accounts--for illegal scrutiny. The hacker’s spreadsheet memorialized his hacking of the e-mail accounts of journalist Carl Bernstein, “Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell, actor Rupert Everett, BBC broadcaster Jeremy Paxman, and others. The color-coded Excel file also shows that “Guccifer” eyed the e-mail accounts of Lorne Michaels, Candice Bergen, Eric Idle, Whoopi Goldberg, Padma Lakshmi, Mike Nichols, and Isaac Mizrahi (though it is unclear if these accounts were breached). The hacker’s archive also reveals that he was researching Martin Amis in preparation for an assault on the author’s Yahoo account.

“Guccifer” used Brown’s account to obtain the e-mail address of Julian Fellowes (seen above), the British actor/writer who created “Downton Abbey,” and is also a member of the House of Lords. Somehow, the hacker subsequently broke into Fellowes’s Btinternet account and copied a variety of correspondence as well as confidential records related to the 64-year-old’s writing and political careers. One of the documents stolen last May by “Guccifer” was Fellowes’s script for the finale of the latest season of “Downton Abbey.” The hacker, however, apparently did not seek to disseminate the script for the last episode (which aired in England two months ago).

Fellowes is not the only House of Lords member to be victimized by “Guccifer.” Documents show that the hacker also raided the e-mail accounts of Sir Francis Brooke and Patricia Scotland, who served previously as the UK’s Attorney General. Scotland’s SkyDrive online storage account was also breached.

In an interview, Brown said that she had been unaware that her account had been breached by "Guccifer," adding that it was upsetting to learn that some of her contacts had been hacked as a result. A Brown assistant, who recalled getting notices that the Yahoo account’s password had been changed, forwarded an e-mail that was sent from the account in May to a second Brown aide. The subject line read “i will fuck u an you wiil never know.” The aide told TSG, “Nice email from Mr. Guccifer, huh?”

The “Guccifer” archive includes documents memorializing the hacking of the e-mail accounts of dozens of other individuals. These victims include:

* Hemingway, whose AOL account was broken into early last year. That incursion yielded passwords to the 52-year-old star’s web site and Facebook page (which “Guccifer” defaced in late-February). In a note to her followers, a disgusted Hemingway (pictured above) reported being hacked, noting that she “changed everything UGH makes you feel violated.”

* Steven Kandarian, the MetLife chief executive, had his Comcast account raided by “Guccifer,” who stole the 60-year-old businessman’s contact list, divorce records, phone logs, and a variety of personal financial records.

* George-Cristian Maior, head of the Romanian Intelligence Service, had his Yahoo account breached.

* George Roche, a former Secretary of the Air Force, was one of more than a dozen former U.S. military officials who had their accounts illegally accessed by “Guccifer.” Most of these victims, Roche included, had e-mail accounts with Comcast, a company the hacker seems to have little trouble compromising.

* Kelley had her Yahoo and Earthlink accounts compromised early last year. “Guccifer,” who apparently found the biographer’s e-mail address in Blumenthal’s contact list, read through her e-mails and took months worth of Kelley’s cell phone bills, which listed numbers she dialed as well as calls she received. Kelley told TSG she was unaware of the hacking, but recalled that “Earthlink changed my password twice, I think, without explanation.”
* Laura Manning Johnson, a top Department of Homeland Security official and former CIA analyst. “Guccifer” breached her Comcast account in mid-2013.

* Pulitzer Prize-winning author Diane McWhorter, whose Earthlink, Gmail, and Dropbox storage accounts were raided. “Guccifer” apparently found McWhorter’s e-mail among Blumenthal’s contacts.

* Dean’s Earthlink account was hacked early last year, and “Guccifer” took family photos, assorted correspondence, and personal financial records.

*Fitness instructor Denise Austin was hacked early last year. Her Comcast account was broken into shortly after “Guccifer” illegally accessed the e-mail account of Dorothy Bush Koch, sister of George W. Bush (and daughter of George H.W. Bush). Austin’s e-mail address was in Koch’s contact list, which the hacker copied.

* Oceanographer Robert Ballard, who was part of the team that located the Titanic’s wreck, had his Comcast e-mail and Dropbox accounts hacked by “Guccifer.” Ballard, seen below, was apparently targeted because his name appears on a roster of members of Bohemian Grove’s Mandalay Camp. The hacker found the list in the AOL account of Powell, who is also a Mandalay member (along with Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, both of whom are also former Secretaries of State. In e-mails last year, “Guccifer” asserted that attendees at Bohemian Grove’s northern California retreats were part of the shadowy Illuminati/New World Order conspiracy “leading this fucked up world!!!!!!”

* Muckenfuss, a Washington, D.C. attorney and Yale Law School lecturer, had two of his e-mail accounts breached by “Guccifer.” It appears the hacker found the 68-year-old lawyer’s Comcast e-mail address in the Gmail contact list of Joshua Gotbaum, director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. After hacking Gotbaum’s account last May, “Guccifer” took the Obama appointee’s address book and used it to victimize several of Gotbaum’s acquaintances.

The “Guccifer” archive shows that he also accessed the e-mail accounts of numerous members of the Council on Foreign Relations. The hacker obtained the e-mail addresses of hundreds of CFR figures after he broke into the account of one member and accessed private contact lists.

Additionally, the hacker’s work product reveals that he illegally accessed the e-mail of a New York company that handles security matters for corporations and wealthy individuals. “Guccifer” took a variety of reports detailing confidential work done by the firm, including a $40,000 security review commissioned by a hedge fund billionaire who wanted assurances that a duplex apartment his daughter, a college student, planned to rent while studying in Paris was safe.

While “Guccifer” has repeatedly declined to discuss how he breaks into accounts--he has dismissed these TSG queries as “irrelevant extraneous technical questions”--some targets have eased his path through their online lives.

For example, two victims--a writer and an ex-FBI agent--each kept Word files containing numerous password and PIN numbers they used. Combined, the two documents (which were found in the “Guccifer” archive) offered free access to accounts with eBay, Netflix, PayPal, Xbox, Amazon, Sprint, Etsy, Facebook, Dropbox, Time Warner, and Skype. Not to mention credit card, banking, insurance, retirement, and frequent flyer accounts. The former G-man’s list even included a three-digit password for a “Gun Lock.”

The illegal incursions into these two accounts emanated from IP addresses in Greece and the Russian Federation, according to the victims.

Other records show that “Guccifer” has sought to monitor, albeit to a limited degree, the federal criminal probe targeting him.

For instance, after TSG reported the hacking of several Bush family e-mail accounts--most notably the AOL account of Dorothy Bush Koch--“Guccifer” lost control over those accounts. He still, however, was able to monitor the hacked account of Koch’s friend Patricia Legere. Which allowed him to read an e-mail from Koch informing friends and family that her account had been compromised and that Secret Service agents were en route to her residence to collect her computer for analysis.

Similarly, after “Guccifer” hacked the e-mail and Facebook accounts of an Obama administration appointee, he somehow maintained access to the victim’s telephone records. Those documents, “Guccifer” discovered, revealed that the FBI contacted the federal official immediately after the hacking was reported by TSG.

Though publicizing his continuing criminal activity could provide federal agents with new leads and investigative avenues to pursue, “Guccifer” professed to be carefree despite his status as one of America’s most wanted hackers: “NO I am not concerned, i think i switch the proxies go to play some backgammon on yahoo watch tv, play with my family and daughter.” The hacker wrote of buying a “new powerful computer” to help continue his illegal activities. Noting that he would be “back in business,” “Guccifer” closed one e-mail with a one-word declaration: “HAAAACKKKK!”

In other correspondence, “Guccifer” has written of living overseas, though that could be a feint from a hacker who has spent more than a year using proxy servers, fake IP addresses, burner e-mail accounts, anonymizing software, and other methods to evade pursuing law enforcement authorities.

“Guccifer” wrote of turning over his archive “just in case I am busted,” but he has not offered a rationale for the crime spree detailed in those documents. While referring to his distaste for the “new ukusa empire,” the hacker claims to be operating from “the cloud of Infinite Justice.” Still, it is hard not to view many of his break-ins as crimes of opportunity. Hacking for hacking’s sake, with a simple goal of disruption, havoc, and embarrassment.

Which, of course, does not make his frenzied rampage any less felonious. In fact, two files in the “Guccifer” archive appear to show the hacker researching possible criminal charges in a United States court. A 76-page Congressional Research Service report explores the “Extraterritorial Application of American Criminal Law” while the other file includes the section of the U.S. Code detailing the country’s extradition law and treaties.

Perhaps these documents indicate that “Guccifer” thinks the end is near. Or maybe he just stole them from somebody’s Inbox.

Denise Austin's 6 Ways to Stay Motivated To Work Out In 2014

By Denise Austin, FOX News Magazine Contributor, January 06, 2014

aving a hard time sticking to your diet and fitness plan this season? You’re not the only one – it is definitely hard work, but the payoff is worth it! Plus, there are ways to make it easier to stay on track. Use these six easy ideas to help you focus and get more excited about your goals in time for 2014.

Have a positive attitude.

I list this tip first because it’s the most important. If you want to change your life, you have to change your attitude. Don’t think negative thoughts like
“I’m too fat,” or “I’ll never learn these exercises or be able to run.” Just by trying new exercises and recipes, your attitude will improve greatly. Replace negative words like lazy, fat, or weak with positive adjectives like strong and healthy. Replace “I can’t” with “I can.” Post these positive affirmations on the fridge or throughout your home so you don’t lose sight of how great you’re doing!

Download a new playlist.

Music is one of the best things to help you get motivated – I blast all of my favorite songs when I’m working out! Create a “Workout” playlist and download high-energy songs that will pump you up. Only allow yourself to listen to this fun, upbeat playlist when you’re working out. It will give you something to look forward to! Another idea is to find a DVD with great music already built in, like my "Fat Burning Walk" 
DVDI picked some really great songs for that one!  If music isn’t really your thing – use the TV to motivate yourself. You could DVR your favorite shows and work out while watching those, or use the commercials to do exercises like squats, crunches, and push-ups.

Be proactive and plan ahead.

Take a look at your week on Sunday night and figure out when you can fit your workouts in, then plot them out on a calendar t
hat you look at often. You can give yourself a star sticker or a special mark once you complete each workout. Seeing evidence of your hard work will inspire you to keep it up! If you can stick with a consistent schedule, like working out Monday, Wednesday, Friday, it may help you stay on track. Another way to plan ahead is to lay out your workout clothes the night before – or keep your gym bag stocked in your car. The sight of your workout clothes is a great reminder to make it happen!

Keep a food log.

Food journals are a great way to hold yourself accountable for what you’re eating. Studies show that people who kept food journals lost more weight than those who didn’t. Plus, knowing that you will have to jot down every single thing you put in your mouth can help to prevent mindless snacking and help you to make smarter choices when it comes to food.

Remember how you feel AFTER a workout.

Believe me, I know it’s a drag to get out of bed early to fit in some exercise – and I also know it’s also the last thing you want to do after a long day at work. But try to focus on how good you feel
after your work out! Exercise gives you endorphins and energy, so you’ll likely feel refreshed and energized after even just a quick 20-minute session.

Reward yourself! If you’ve been sticking to your diet and fitness goals, you definitely deserve to reward yourself with something healthy. One rule you must follow: There may be no food rewards! Instead you could get a manicure or massage, buy yourself flowers, treat yourself to some new workout gear, like a yoga mat, yoga blockor even just a new workout DVD to make your routine more fun. You can also reward yourself by taking some time just for YOU by curling up on the couch with a good book or magazine. It doesn’t have to be a big thing! Just something to validate how great you’re doing.

Most importantly, stick with it! As you start scheduling your workouts and logging your foods in a journal it will start to feel more like a routine, and you’ll be more likely to stick with it! Don’t be too hard on yourself, if you mess up one day, you can always start over tomorrow.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cha-Cha With Denise Austin From Her Burn Fat Fast Latin Dance Workout DVD

Published on Jan 2, 2014 by Fit Bottomed Girls

Denise Austin shares one of her favorite moves -- the cha-cha -- with FBG readers! (With permission from Lionsgate BeFit.)

Denise Austin - Fat-Burning Pilates Workout: Upper Body

Fat-Burning Pilates Workout: Upper Body- Denise Austin - YouTube
Published on Dec 31, 2013 by Lionsgate BeFit

Fat-Burning Pilates Workout: Upper Body with Denise Austin is a 10-minute strength-building Pilates routine that is designed to focus on common problem areas to blast away calories and firm & tone the arms, chest, shoulders, back, and abdominals using a light set of hand weights. Experience the slimming power of Pilates and dramatically reshape your body with America's Favorite Fitness Expert, Denise Austin as you target-tone those stubborn zones with this unique exercise routine from Denise's Top-Selling "Shrink Your Fat Zones Pilates" Fitness DVD that use specialized Pilates techniques to cinch the waist, sculpt the upper body, and activate the core. Transform your body with one of the best in the business right from your own home as you boost the metabolism to maximize your weight loss potential. Denise's positive mental attitude and easy-to-follow instruction will keep you feeling motivate and inspired all of the way to the very end. You will need a light set of hand weights, a Yoga mat, a bottle of water, and a towel to complete this fun and effective segment that is sure to get you the body-sculpting results that you are looking for. Click here for more FREE Pilates workouts:

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