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Denise Austin Working Her Hips

Denise Austin 11 - YouTube
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Denise Austin looking hot

Full BeFit video:

Denise Austin: Rhythmic Stretching & Flexibility Workout- Energy Booster - YouTube

Published on May 8, 2014 by BeFit

Denise Austin: Rhythmic Stretching & Flexibility Workout- Energy Booster is a unique, 10-minute dance-inspired, aerobic stretching routine that is designed to burn calories, elongate the body, release tension and lift your spirits as you slim your waistline through an effective combination of dance moves, stretching variations, and Yoga poses. Boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels with America's Favorite Fitness Expert, Denise Austin as she takes you through this fun and exciting segment from her popular, "Power Zone: Mind, Body, Soul" Fitness DVD. Reduce anxiety, prevent injury, and relieve low back tightness with this fluid, low-impact workout. Learn key moves that can be done anywhere to strengthen the core and tone the abs, hips, thighs, butt, arms, back, legs and shoulders. This routine is great for all skill levels and requires no equipment. Look and feel your best with Denise right from your own home. Tune in to the BeFiT Channel every weekday for all new free workouts.

Denise Austin: Burn Fat Fast Cardio Blast Complete Weight Loss Workout

Burn Fat Fast Cardio Blast Complete Weight Loss Workout: Denise Austin - YouTube

Published on Sep 29, 2014 by BeFit

Burn Fat Fast Cardio Blast Complete Weight Loss Workout with Denise Austin is a full 51 minute, calorie-blasting cardio workout that is designed to boost your metabolism, sculpt lean muscle and maximize your fat loss potential. With BURN FAT FAST: CARDIO BLAST, you will enjoy incredible cardio training from the first minute to the last. Fitness favorite Denise Austin has designed four diverse workouts that you can mix and match for pure fat-blasting fun! These electrifying workouts condition your heart, crunch calories and melt pounds fast. So get ready to slim, tone and blast your way to your best body ever! DVD Includes: WARM- UP (5 Min): Pump up your heart rate with vital movements that stretch and prepare your body to demolish calories and burn fat fast! KICKBOXING (10 Min): Combines dynamic punches, kicks and a variety of moves to trim the hips, thighs, buns and arms. Incinerate fat and boost your metabolism like never before! ATHLETIC INTERVAL (10 Min): Skate, ski and jump your way to a fine-tuned body with fun agility drills that offer intensity and variety without complex choreography. RETRO AEROBICS (10 Min): Slim down with a classic combo of grapevines, ponies and heel jacks! This fun-filled '80s revival will put a smile on your face and take inches off your waist! CARDIO DANCE (10 Min): Shake your hips and tighten your tummy with this low-impact cardio dance routine. The lively Latin beat will have you mamboing your way right into that miniskirt! COOL-DOWN (5 Min): Lower your heart rate with ease as you stretch, refresh and revive your body after your incredible fat-blasting workout! Train like a pro athlete and watch the pounds disappear with a true fitness legend right from your own living room. You will need a towel and a bottle of water to complete this workout that is great for all skill levels. Skate, Ski, and Jump your way to a fine-tuned body with BeFiT!

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Denise Austin In Jack LaLanne Documentary 'Anything Is Possible: The Man, the Movement and the Legacy'

Jack LaLanne's Legacy Lives On in Documentary

by Stuart Goldman in Behind the Scenes
Sep 19, 2014

Club Industry

With the 100th anniversary of Jack LaLanne's birth fast approaching, a new documentary on his life is set for release.

(Skip to 4:53 to see Denise Austin)

Jack LaLanne would have turned 100 on Sept. 26, and because he seemed like he could live forever, it's hard to believe he's not around anymore.

With the anniversary of his birth fast approaching, anyone who met or knew or admired Jack LaLanne should no doubt look forward to a new documentary on his life.

The documentary, titled "Anything Is Possible: The Man, the Movement and the Legacy," includes interviews with none other than the love of his life, Elaine LaLanne, their son, Jon, and famous fitness personalities, including Denise Austin, Lou Ferrigno and Gunnar Peterson.

If this trailer doesn't give you chills up and down your spine, then you're probably not alive. Here are just a few of the great lines you can expect to see in the documentary:

"My dad was Superman," Jon LaLanne says. "He really was."

"He had a wonderful sense of humor," Elaine says. "He made me laugh through life."

"Jack gave," Ferrigno says. "He never just said, 'Let me take from you.' He gave to you."

The documentary will be available from Sept. 25-Oct. 10 at For Twitter followers, the hashtag is easy to remember: #JackLaLanne100.

Jack LaLanne may not be with us, but as this film suggests, his legacy will live on forever.

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Behind The Scenes With Katie Austin

Updated: Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An Instagram picture uploaded by Denise Austin's daughter, Katherine Reed Austin, shows her in a tight workout outfit standing in front of a wall that reads "DENISE AUSTIN" with the caption "Behind the scenes🎥✨." Behind the scenes for what?

getfitwithkatie (update: katie.austin)
September 5, 2014
Behind the scenes🎥✨


More pics of Katie:

Katie Austin (left), Kelly Austin (right)

See more here:

katie.austin on Instagram

Katie (getfitwkatie) | Twitter

Get Fit With Katie | Motivation For a Happy & Healthy Lifestyle

Denise Austin And Her Daughters Sporting Patriotic Colors For July 4, 2013

Denise Austin's Facebook Post Of Katie Austin In A Bikini

University of Southern California, USC

Lionsgate DVD Market Share Down 1.66% From Last Year

Finishing First: Anchor Bay weighs in at No. 1 in fitness packaged-media market share.

14 Sep, 2014
By: Angelique Flores
Home Media Magazine

Another disc fitness market share leader has emerged, after years of domination by Gaiam and Lionsgate.

For the first time since Nielsen has been tracking sales, Anchor Bay Entertainment is No. 1 in market share for fitness disc for year-to-date sales through the first half of the year.

“We have more best-sellers in the top 20, the top 35 and the top 50 than any other studio in the category,” said Bill Clark, president of Anchor Bay Entertainment.

As of June 8, 2014, Anchor Bay holds 36.46% of the fitness DVD market share for 2014, Gaiam comes in second with 34.86% and Lionsgate trails behind at No. 3 with 15.42%, according to Nielsen VideoScan.

“We’ve had a six-point market share gain over the last year and a half,” Clark said. “We know it’s not a seasonality issue either because last year in the same time frame it was Anchor Bay 32.56%, Gaiam 38.70% and Lionsgate 17.08%.”

Anchor Bay’s Clark attributes the shift to the company’s attention to and development of its more-successful fitness brands, as well to maintaining a hold on shelf space.

“Anchor Bay is focused, aggressive and strategic in our development of proprietary brands and our acquisition of key brands,” Clark said. “We work closely with our retail accounts to maximize opportunities. This category is an important part of our overall portfolio, and we dedicate time and effort on driving the business forward. It is clearly paying off. While our competitors may be more interested in celebrities and trendy classes, we’ve made the conscious decision to stick to what we know works for us, our accounts and their customers.”

One brand that Anchor Bay has focused on is Weight Watchers. The distributor has leveraged Weight Watchers’ licensees to maximize value and drive bigger in-store programs, including cross promotions, coupon books and other partnerships, Clark said.

“Also, we listen to what the retailers see as opportunities, and we are able to act quickly because we control our own properties,” he said. “We can work on solutions and test new opportunities because we have our own proprietary brands that are successful in the marketplace.”

Anchor Bay’s fitness market share has been steadily growing since 2011, when it was at 28.94%, Clark said.

The timing of Anchor Bay’s ascension in the disc realm has coincided with both Gaiam and Lionsgate’s shift toward digital over the past few years. Gaiam had been the No. 1 fitness market share leader since 2010.

While Anchor Bay has been keenly concentrating on packaged media, Gaiam has been focused on increasing its footprint in the digital market since 2010, when it launched Gaiam TV, a subscription video-on-demand platform. The service offers more than 6,000 fitness and well-being videos for $9.95 a month. Many of these titles are also available on DVD as well as on iTunes for purchase. Programs include workouts from fitness superstar Jillian Michaels and popular yoga instructor Rodney Yee.

“We are also very focused on the growing demand for digital apps, subscription clubs (GaiamTV) and the rising consumer demand for digital-only content,” said Susan Haney, SVP of marketing for Gaiam.

The company has an upcoming digital-only exclusive for iTunes under its new “Yoga Rising” series, Haney said. The programs will be available Sept. 15.

Still, Gaiam hasn’t turned away from packaged media, which is still serving the company quite well. Last year, fitness DVDs helped the company post a profit during its fourth quarter.

“Our DVD sales still continue to be strong, and at our largest retailer, actually up in sales for the year,” CEO Lynn Powers said at the time during the company’s quarterly financial call in March 2013.

Haney said Gaiam will continue to make its content available on DVD as long as the demand continues in the marketplace.

Meanwhile, Lionsgate — which has been among the top-ranking fitness distributors in the past several years — has shifted its efforts to BeFit, the studio’s fitness and health channel on YouTube. BeFit launched in 2012 and surpassed 1 million subscribers in May. The channel offers a variety of series with content ranging from yoga, cross-training and dance workouts to fitness tips and information.

“The way people consume fitness content is rapidly evolving, and we are at the forefront of that evolution,” Kajsa Vikman, GM and SVP of marketing for Lionsgate, said in May. “Our mission is to provide ‘Workouts That Work,’ available to everyone, anywhere at any time.”

Content from some of Lionsgate’s fitness DVDs — including videos from Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin and Jane Fonda — is available on YouTube. However, much of the BeFit Videos are exclusive and free to consumers, supported by advertising.

Lionsgate cross-promotes its online community with its fitness DVDs, adding trailers for the channel and inserts in its DVDs. And in turn, with video clips of its catalog DVDs online, Lionsgate has previously seen a boost in DVD sales from those trainers and brands, Vikman said in a January 2013 interview.

While Gaiam and Lionsgate have been busy developing their digital platforms, Anchor Bay has been touting popular brands on DVD and growing its footprint at retail. Still, Anchor Bay’s bigger take of the fitness pie doesn’t necessarily mean the distributor is just releasing more titles. Some fitness distributors tout the number of titles it can crank out in year, but not so with Anchor Bay. Compared with 2013, Anchor Bay has actually released significantly fewer titles so far, Clark said.

“We have always sought to grow our market share by having a bigger percentage of the best-sellers — not by having more titles overall,” Clark said.

But being selective obviously hasn’t hurt its market share or its allocation of shelf space. As the company continues to develop consistently successful releases — especially in the Leslie Sansone and Element brands — a larger percentage of Anchor Bay’s titles are still making the cut on shrinking retail shelf space as compared with the competition’s, Clark said.

Growth of Anchor Bay’s Element brand, which is mostly yoga and Pilates workouts, has soared. From 2011 to 2013, the 6-year-old fitness line has mushroomed 42.9%, Clark said.

“It’s gone from being carried seasonally to being a year-round best-selling brand at retail,” Clark said.

Another of Anchor Bay’s top-selling fitness brands is Leslie Sansone, which features walking workouts. Sales for the line grew 11% in 2013 over 2012.

“In the past [Sansone’s] products came from a few different studios,” Clark said. “Now, almost all of what’s on the shelves are her newer titles from Anchor Bay. That’s a win for the consumers since there isn’t as much consumer confusion about what is truly new and what is repackaged and something they might previously have owned.”

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Denise Austin Yoga Booty Lift Preview

The original title was "Denise Austin - Yoga Booty Barre" before it was changed.

Yoga Booty Lift with Denise Austin (PRE-ORDER) #CollageVideo - YouTube
Published on Sep 4, 2014 by collagevideo
Find this DVD at
This 30-minute program features specialized yoga poses and barre moves that first target the legs, then the butt and, lastly, the butt and core together to reshape your bottom half into your better half.

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Denise Austin Looking Hot

Denise Austin 6 - YouTube

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Denise Austin looking hot

Denise Austin Belly Dancing

Denise Austin 7 - YouTube

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Denise Austin looking hot

The Idaho Potato Commission Ends Business Partnership With Denise Austin

IPC ends relationship with fitness expert

Published: September 2, 2014 10:56AM

Last changed: September 2, 2014 10:57AM

The Idaho Potato Commission has ended its business relationship with fitness and nutrition expert Denise Austin.

EAGLE, Idaho — The Idaho Potato Commission has ended a business partnership spanning more than a decade with fitness and nutrition expert Denise Austin.

Austin was chosen as the organization’s official spokesperson in 2003.

IPC President and CEO Frank Muir said his organization is prioritizing its Great Big Idaho Potato Truck, which has been traveling the country raising awareness about Idaho spuds and the tour’s philanthropic partner, the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign. IPC is certified by AHA as being heart healthy.

“In recent years, the Great Big Idaho Potato Truck has been so successful, and we have to find a way to balance the budget,” Muir said. “We’ve put more funding toward the truck and leveraging our connection with the American Heart Association, which also drives home our nutrition message.”

Austin has authored several books on nutrition and exercise and starred in a host of fitness videos. When IPC first brought her on board, Muir said she was “probably the most iconic female exercise expert out in America.”

“We thought she was the ideal spokesperson to help turn the tide and turn all of the negative and incorrect nutrition information about potatoes,” Muir said.

Muir said Austin starred in several advertising campaigns during the ensuing years, emphasizing that potatoes are loaded with potassium, fiber and vitamin C and contain no fat and cholesterol.

“She was able from a credible standpoint to deliver those messages,” Muir said.

—John O’Connell