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Denise Austin In 'Step Brothers'

The clip is from "Denise Austin: Hit The Spot Pilates" and Lionsgate owns the rights to it.

Step Brothers - Watching a thing, with a lady - YouTube
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Brennan is watching TV as his mom comes down and he says something pretty funny. Keep on watching!

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[first lines]
Nancy Huff: Hey, Brennan.
Brennan Huff: Mom, I'm watching the thing...
Nancy Huff: Yeah. I'm leaving.
Brennan Huff: ...with the lady.
Nancy Huff: Okay, I'll be home around 11.
Brennan Huff: Bye, Mom.
Nancy Huff: Bye, Brennan.
aerobic instructress on TV (Denise Austin): Let's slowly get those hips up.
Brennan Huff: [shoves right hand down his pants to masturbate]
aerobic instructress on TV (Denise Austin): Good. Now, hold it right here. Great.
Source: The Internet Movie Database (IMDb),

Washington City Paper film critic Tricia Olszewski had this to say:
Co-written by Ferrell, Step Brothers immediately dirties its sitcom-ready path with humor that’s largely filthy and occasionally flat-out weird. “I’m watching the thing with the lady,” Brennan mutters to his mother, Nancy (Mary Steenburgen), who dares to try to interrupt him while he’s slumped on the couch gawping at Denise Austin.
Source: Washington City Paper, 7/25/08,
(you'll also find in Washington City Paper Cheap Seats: Dave McKenna on how ’80s fitness guru Denise Austin has found new popularity on YouTube)

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