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Celebrities make their Super Bowl picks

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Posted Saturday, Feb. 04, 2012

By Compiled By David Martindale
Special to the Star-Telegram

Here's a look at the 2012 celebrity Super Bowl predictions:

Dr. Mehmet Oz, talk show host (The Dr. Oz Show): "Giants. I was a safety in college, so respect a strong defense. I love the way the Giants' defense is playing. Also, Eli's been great in the playoffs in picking apart the secondary."

Martin Sheen, actor (The West Wing): "The last Giants-New England Super Bowl was so exciting and the Giants pulled it out in the last few minutes. I'd like that to happen again. It seems that New England, which is a great franchise, is there all the time."

Dr. Phil McGraw, talk show host (Dr. Phil): "Patriots in a close one. While their defeat at the hands of the Giants in the Super Bowl was four years ago, that loss is still very fresh in the minds of Belichick and Brady. They really want this game."

Dave Barry, author (Lunatics): "I look for a very close game between the Giants and Patriots, going right down to the wire, only to be won at the last second, in what will be known as the most miraculous finish ever, by Tim Tebow."

Patrick Wilson, actor (A Gifted Man): "Giants. Eli cannot be stopped. They peaked at the right time and our coach doesn't wear a hoodie."
Faith Hill, country music singer ("Breathe"): "One word: Patriots!"

Snooki Polizzi, reality TV star (Jersey Shore): "Giants. Because they're sick and I'm

a New Yorker always and forever!"

John Sandford, author (Buried Prey): "Let's see if I can remember the Plagues of Egypt from Bible School: Water turned to blood, plague of lice, plague of flies, plague of boils, plague of locusts, plague of Giants and Patriots in the Super Bowl.

If there were any decency

in the world, they'd both forfeit."

Kristin Chenoweth, actress (GCB): "Giants. Obviously Brady and Manning are

freaking great at their jobs. But I think a lucky break is going to be the deciding factor. So I'm going to say

an extra prayer for Eli."

Tim Love, celebrity chef (Lonesome Dove Western Bistro): "Eli and Tom rematch. Although you are

not going to call this one a match. The Giants will score points, but Brady will bury the Giants in the fourth

quarter. Bet the farm on

the Patriots and the over!"

Regis Philbin, former talk show host (Live! With Regis and Kelly): "Giants. I love the Patriots and Brady. But Eli will pass their bend-not-break defense silly. And that great front four will overwhelm Brady."

Michael Connelly, author (The Fifth Witness): "I have the Giants winning by one point. Tom may have more Super Bowl rings, but Eli does what needs to be done to win. The fourth quarter is his."

John O'Hurley, actor (Seinfeld): "Patriots hands down. Brady is the most focused QB in football -- playing through extreme pain during the playoffs and still capable of setting records. His self-sacrificial dive into the end zone for the final touchdown tells you that this man will not be stopped."

Chuck Yeager, aviation icon: "Giants. Manning, if he's playing, is just lucky enough to win it."

James Roday, actor (Psych): "G-Men. That whole thing about history repeating itself, that's all true."

Ken Bethea, guitarist for the Old 97's (The Grand Theater): "27-17 Giants. The Giants' defense is a lot better than the Patriots'. Plus, too much Cruz."

Howard Stern, radio/TV host (Howard TV On Demand): "Giants. I'm excited that the Giants are in it. I'm a big Giants fan. I have a soft spot for New England. It's going to be hard to root against them."

John Walsh, TV host (America's Most Wanted): "Patriots. Brady will go down in history as one of NFL's greatest quarterbacks and he and Belichick will go down in history as one of the greatest coach/quarterback combos. They're cool under pressure and deliver the goods."

Daniel Silva, author (Portrait of a Spy): "New York will run the ball well enough to allow Eli and his trio of talented receivers to have a big night against New England's suspect secondary. Big Blue in a tight one."

Billy Gardell, actor (Mike & Molly): "Giants by 5. They have the best front four defensive linemen in the league right now. And when you have that, you can drop extra guys into coverage, rendering elite QBs back to average Joes."

Bill Kurtis, TV journalist (Cold Case Files): "Patriots. I predict the quarterback with the billionaire supermodel girlfriend will send the Giants back to the town that never sleeps."

Ace Atkins, author (The Ranger): "I should feel

momentum is with the

Giants. Except for one major thing: Gisele Bundchen.

With Gisele on my side,

I could write three bestsellers in a couple weeks."

Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner: "Giants 38-31. Good teams make the Super Bowl. The hot team wins. Giants are the hot team."

Mark Duplass, actor (The League): "A lot of it will depend on how Eli is feeling. If he has the flu again, the Giants should be able to pull it out. If he's healthy, I'm not so sure. Also, who's gonna get lucky enough to pick up Billy Cundiff for the big game?"

Jason Reece, ... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead singer/guitarist/drummer (Tao of the Dead): "Being a fan of

New York City and all of

its insanity, I'm cheering

for the Giants. It's sad that our Cowboys can't make

it this year -- or any year,

for that matter."

Denise Austin, fitness expert (Shape Up & Shed Pounds) "Giants. Manning is at the top of his game right now. And being a friend of his since we served on the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, I know he is a true competitor to the very end."

Jesse Metcalfe, actor (Dallas): "Patriots. They have more depth, better coaching and a better quarterback. And they're hungry for revenge. Be prepared to see Wes Welker have a huge game."

Dee Snider, Twisted Sister singer (Celebrity Apprentice): "Giants. The pact Brady and Belichick made with the devil has to run out sooner or later."

Bob Schieffer, CBS news correspondent (Face the Nation): "I like the Giants. Don't know why. Just do."

Neal McCoy, country music singer ("No Doubt About It"): "Brady is one of the top quarterbacks in the league, but it is Eli's year. This win
will put him in an elite group of quarterbacks who have won the Super Bowl twice. Giants 27, Pats 24."

Colin Ferguson, actor (Eureka): "Two teams that are pretty evenly matched, but I think the Pats will win (so put your money on the Giants)."
Alan Bean, Apollo 12 astronaut: "Giants. Manning is just reaching his peak, while Brady is just past his."

Jared Fogel, Subway sandwich chain spokesperson: "Giants 27, Patriots 24. The Giants got hot at the right time and the Giants' defense will get to Brady."

Jerry Springer, talk show host (The Jerry Springer Show): "Giants 28-24. New York City needs a rehearsal for the ticker-tape parade they will have in October when the Yankees win the World Series."

Alice Cooper, rock music icon ("School's Out"):

"Giants over Patriots in close game, 27-24. The Giants have good offense and defense, while the Patriots have offense only."

George Jones, country music singer ("He Stopped Loving Her Today"): "I predict the Giants."

Liam McIntyre, actor (Spartacus): "Pats win in overtime, 24-21."

Carlos Mencia, comedian (The Mind of Mencia): "The Patriots are a better team. But right now there is no way I can bet against the Giants."

Buddy Jewell, country music singer ("Sweet Southern Comfort"): "What? There's still gonna be a Super Bowl even though my beloved Dallas Cowboys are sitting at home? In that case, I have to go with the Giants. Their defense will win this one."

Eric Roberts, actor (Runaway Train): "Patriots will win this year. It's their turn."

B.J. Thomas, singer ("Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head"): "Giants. I really like Manning and I think they are going to upset them again."

Bruce Greenwood, actor (The River): "With the Patriots owner Robert Kraft and the fact that his wife died and the players wearing those patches on their uniforms with her initials, it seems as though the team is so emotionally committed to winning for him as well as for themselves."

C.J. Box, author (Cold Wind): "I'll go with the hot hand and solid defense over the team that smoked my Broncos in the playoffs. Giants 38, Patriots 34."

Edward Asner, actor (The Mary Tyler Moore Show): "Patriots 13-10. I am a sucker for the great temptation of seeing the Patriots under pressure and coming out ahead in the end."

Stephen Collins, actor (7th Heaven): "Giants by a nose, cementing Eli's reputation as one of the greats. 24-21."

Penn Jillette, magician (Celebrity Apprentice): "Patriots 31-27. I also predict that five minutes before kickoff, Rob Lowe will announce Eli Manning's retirement in a tweet."

Sandra Brown, author (Lethal): "I pick the Giants. They've got the momentum. But I don't want either team to win, so I'll be rooting for the halftime show."

Frank Vincent, actor (The Sopranos): "Bada Bing! Giants 21-17."

Garfield, comic strip cat (with an assist from cartoonist Jim Davis): "Being an Indiana cat, I have a warm spot for the Manning brothers. Plus, I'm partial to anything with 'Giant' in the name. Gotta go with New York."

Charlie McDermott, actor (The Middle): "Giants. As an Eagles fan, I dislike both teams. But I'd rather see the Giants secure yet another Super Bowl victory than the Patriots."

Steve "Lips" Kudlow, metal rocker (Anvil): "Giants will win. With a guy like Manning, they can't go wrong."

Joey Lawrence, actor (Melissa & Joey): "Patriots are taking it this year. Redemption will be weighing heavily on their hearts and minds."

Bill Nye, the Science Guy: "Both teams will be running and catching in the warm confines of the Lucas Oil Stadium. They'll both score well: 34-28 Giants."

Steve Wilkos, talk show host (The Steve Wilkos Show): "Patriots want revenge and have two great tight ends. Patriots 17-7."

Annie Ilonzeh, actress (Charlie's Angels): "The Giants have the 'Eli Factor' and will take this one."

Steve Berry, author (The Jefferson Key): "I live in north Florida where the Jaguars rule. Tom Coughlin was our first head coach and led the team for many years. So around here, we're a bit partial to him. Go Giants."

Mark Ballas, dancer (Dancing With the Stars): "Patriots. Huge Tom Brady fan. And it's time for revenge."

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