Thursday, October 25, 2012

Denise Austin On You Asked For It: Mixing Up Yoga, Pilates, and Cardio

How To Keep Fitness Fun: You Asked For It - YouTube
Published on Oct 24, 2012 by BeFit

[00:24] Question 1: How can I mix up my exercise program to keep me motivated?
(Scott Herman)
[01:23] Question 2: How should I be mixing up my Yoga, Pilates, and Cardio?
(Denise Austin)
[02:18] Question 2: I'm thinking about doing one of those extreme fun runs, do you recommend one?
(Scott Herman)
[3:58] Episode Roundup/Summary
How To Keep Fitness Fun: You Asked For It- In this episode of "You Asked For It", a team of health and fitness pros answer some of your questions regarding keeping excitement in your workouts while maximizing results, achieving the right mix of exercise styles, and engaging in fitness-based events. "You Asked For It" Host, Melena Scantlin checks in with Expert Trainer, Scott Herman from the Scott Herman Fitness Channel to learn a few of his tricks on keeping your exercise routine fresh such as: taking shorter rest periods, changing the intensity of the workout, trying different classes offered by your gym, or exercising with friends to maintain accountability. Next, Legendary Fitness Icon, Denise Austin weighs in on the importance of mixing toning, flexibility, and cardio workouts through Yoga, Pilates, and Walking exercises to lengthen muscle, strengthen the core, and burn calories to promote a healthy heart. Finally, join Scott Herman as he dishes his thoughts on fitness fun runs, how they differ from each other, and the proper way to prepare for them to ensure necessary endurance levels. Try these helpful tips from our expert trainers to look and feel your best! Tune in every Thursday for new episodes where you can get helpful advice and find the answers you are looking for. Don't forget that you might get your questions answered too, by posting them in the comments below the weekly "You Asked For It" videos. For more "You Asked For It" episodes, click here:

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