Sunday, August 18, 2013

Four Fall Fitness Routines

Today's Hindu article presents four fitness routines to keep you in shape during the fall. Ranging in order from easy to extreme, Power Pilate comes third mentioning Denise Austin's videos on the internet to be great for targeting specific areas on the body and helping customise routines.
Power Pilates

We’ve heard of power yoga — but Power Pilates? It’s a form of exercise that uses the routines and “moves” you learn and practise in your regular Pilates class to improve your posture. The workouts usually range from 50 to 65 minutes and aim at improving strength, muscular endurance and metabolism.

Interested in trying out this form of Pilates? The first option is to ask a Pilates instructor around town if he is familiar with this sort of routine and can teach you a few moves. If that doesn’t work out, then head to the Internet. Denise Austin, an American fitness instructor and famous author/columnist, has some great videos up, that target specific areas of your body, helping you customise your routine to your needs.

Samvitha Ram (August 18, 2013). "Fall fitness". The Hindu. Retrieved August 18, 2013.
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