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Wake Up and Go: Low impact aerobics and yoga

Danielle Knox saying she can't wait to see what Denise is wearing.

Low impact aerobics and yoga - YouTube
Uploaded on Jul 11, 2011 by TheBalancingAct

This morning Denise starts off with low impact aerobics then shows you some great yoga moves that stretch and tone the whole body.

Here is an interview of Denise Austin before her debut on The Balancing Act where someone from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel commented about how her outfits are more modest than before.
I saw a tape of you from about 20 years ago. Your workout outfits are cut more modestly now, as are a lot of other fitness professionals.

(Denise Austin) Yes, thank goodness. The big hair is also gone now. Hey, I was stylin,' baby.

Nick Sortal (January 1, 2011). "Q&A: Denise Austin talks about new fitness segments she's taping in Pompano: Fitness expert to appear daily on Lifetime Channel.". South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Retrieved August 3, 2013.

In 2006 she commented to Washington's Finest Magazine about how her outfits were "little" and "cute" while she had her own television shows.
“I was really scared because ESPN was mostly a ‘guys’ network, and I had to be in little outfits doing my exercise show on the beach. I had to go to them and tell them I was pregnant. I didn’t know what they would say. But, they were wonderful about it. And, my ratings went sky-high! I guess viewers wanted to see what I would look like, pregnant.”


Her dedication paid off. Denise was with ESPN for 10 years before switching to sister-station, Lifetime TV, the number-one cable network in the country. Each morning her shows attract a wide following. At 7:00 a.m., “Fit and Lite,” is filmed in serene settings — beautiful desert spas — and features yoga and Pilates moves. Immediately following, at 7:30 a.m. is “Denise Austin’s Daily Workout,” the longest running fitness show on television. It is a high-energy workout, filmed in exotic beach locations, and Denise notes, “wearing cute outfits.”

Natalie Bovis-Nelsen (2006). Fitness Diva, Denise Austin: More Than a Pretty Face. Washington's Finest Magazine. Retrieved August 3, 2013

Shane25, a YouTuber who has uploaded chopped up clips of Denise's old shows and tapes, told the Washington City Paper:

“Her exercising in those skimpy [clothes] can be a turn on. I know that might make me sound like a pervert or something but it’s the truth and most guys would agree.”

Dave McKenna (April 20, 2007). "Stretch Comedy: Exercise guru gets indecent exposure.". Washington City Paper. Retrieved October 16, 2014.

The first sentence in a 2003 USA Today article mentions that a lot a women would not wear the outfits Denise wore for her old shows and videos:

Fitness instructor and author Denise Austin's usual outfit for her show and videos is the kind of form-fitting attire many women avoid.

Mike Falcon and Stephen A. Shoop, M.D. (January 13, 2003). "Denise Austin attacks women's fitness problems". USA Today. Retrieved October 16, 2014.

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