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Denise Austin - Ab Wave - 5 Minute Bon Voyage to Fat

Ab Wave - 5 Minute Bon Voyage to Fat - YouTube
Published on Sep 5, 2012 by abwavefitness

Hi I'm Denise Austin your Ab Wave expert. Welcome to my 5 minute Bon Voyage to fat workout. Where you'll sit and get fit. After you have assembled your Ab Wave you are ready to go. Remember go at your own pace and if ever you feel like it's too much just stop the movement and carefully stand up and get off the Ab Wave. As with any workout regimen you want to consult your Physician first. Also drink plenty of water and follow our Wave Goodbye nutritional plan to achieve all your fitness goals. So let's begin with a good warm up, take a deep breath bring in the oxygen and release any stress. Another deep breath, inhale, inhale deeply and exhale. Wonderful. Let's stretch the sides of the waistline as well as the back to warm it up, we're ready to go and stretch to the other side, stretch, feel the length through the spine, that's it, keep your body healthy, keep it nice and flexible. Now both arms all the way up, inhale and exhale to the side, now really stretch your body, feeling stretch, that's it and to the other side, to the other side, hold it, now hold it, take a deep breath, inhale and exhale.
Loose, easy and now relax your back by twisting slightly side to side keeping your knees bent to protect the spine. That's it just warm up the back, warm up the tummy that's it, you got it, twist side to side. Great, great for the waist line. Ok, now it's time to sit. Place yourself right in the middle of the Ab Wave, reach for those handles, sit up nice and tall. Sit back now into the handlebar behind, hold it and support your back to the support bar. Let's begin with the basics. All you do is an easy glide, it's side to side, simple, easy, you can do this, come on and this workout is only 5 minutes but if you do this any time throughout the day you will reach your goals, eating right, living healthy and working on that waistline. Ok now, take it to the next level. Bring your knees up a little more, get your feet off the floor, hold it up there, can you feel it, this'll really trim and slim the obliques, the side to the waistline, that's right and when you bring your knees up closer, higher, you're really working the lower tummy. Target tone the lower abs, that's right below the belly button, excellent, can you take it another level up? Straighten your legs, firming up the thighs, the sides of the waistline at the same time, plus notice it's gliding, it's simple and it's easy. You can do this, try to do it every day to see results. It's worth it, good, side to side, lower your tummy with straight legs, that's it, it's like a natural tummy tuck, pull in your tummy, zip up those abs, tighten up those abs while you're doing this, that's it, can you do one leg? That's it go side to side, great keep it up, it's worth it, you'll see results and now the other leg, good, you can do it just keep gliding, tighten up release. Now it's time to really trim and slim the waistline. Release right here, pull it in, turn, hold on to the handles and now you're ready to begin working the waistline, that's it, trim and slim. Hold it, side to side, now can you pull your knees a little closer up? That's great, I'm proud of you, it's worth it. You deserve to have a nice trim, slim waistline, that wonderful way to lose some inches around the belt. That's it, great. Now we're going to take it to the next level. All you're gonna do is a figure 8, slide and twist, slide now you're working the entire Ab Wave, that's it, this is so much fun. You're working the ab muscles, the core, the lower abs, the oblique muscles, pull in your tummy though, pull in your tummy, really glide it, that's it, great, use your waistline, you can do this, it's worth it, good. Now hold your knees up and go twist side to side, side to side good, you can do it, hold on firmly to the handles, that's it, come on twist, pull your knees in more, ooh, you can feel it, I can, yes, lean back a little more into the back, that's it and release. Wonderful, now slowly lean forward, stand all the way up, take a nice deep breath, you did it, inhale and exhale and stretch it all out, that's it, you really target toned the entire tummy area. You worked the core muscles, that's the key. Congratulations you just completed the 5 minute Bon Voyage to Fat workout, you did it. Keep it up and I'll see you next time. You can do it.

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