Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Denise Austin - Ab Wave - How to Navigate Your Ab Wave

Ab Wave - How to Navigate Your Ab Wave - YouTube
Published on Sep 5, 2012 by abwavefitness

Denise Hi I'm Denise Austin, your Ab Wave expert. Thank you for your purchase of the Ab Wave, the new and exciting way to sit and get fit. I'm gonna show you how to properly put together your machine so you can ride the wave to a new you. Don't forget to check out for more work out dvd's. Your Ab Wave comes with 4 main parts. The Ab Wave seat, 4 legs, 2 handlebars and your back support bar. The multifunctional computer and the resistance bands are optional and if you didn't already order them you can purchase them at You will notice that each of the legs has a number on it, 1, 2, 3 or 4. Slide the corresponding legs into the numbered slots that are under your Ab Wave seat. The handlebars are labeled right and left. Install the right handlebar to the right side of the Ab Wave seat using the screws that are already in the handlebar. Repeat this now for the left handlebar. Install your back support bar and simply secure and tighten using the screw knob. Your multifunctional computer connects to the wire that is underneath your left handlebar, right here. Make sure that they are securely connected and now turn on your computer and there you have it, your Ab Wave is ready to ride. Now I'm gonna show you how to get on and off your Ab Wave. Make sure you're holding on both handlebars, sit back, bend your knees and slowly sit up nice and tall. Now scoot yourself all the way back so the middle of your back is resting on your back support. Once you're firmly on the seat it's time now to sit and get fit. Now let's begin. Holding on, right here to the handlebars simply just move side to side, gliding and sliding back and forth. Make sure you're holding the handlebars the entire time. This will help isolate your core muscles, feeling it in your abs, the waistline, giving you that great workout. Ok, and come to a stop when you get to the middle. Continue to hold on to the handlebars until you're completely up and back on your feet. So let's get started on accomplishing your fitness goals. Now it's your turn, sit and get fit.

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  1. I love Denise Austin and the Ab Wave! I wrote a review of the Ab Wave machine on my blog with Denise's ab wave video "5 Minute Bon Voyage to Fat" embedded ( Do you know if Denise Austin endorses any other fitness products beside the ab wave? I would be willing to try anything she uses.